The Testimony Of Gemstones Mixtape!

I don’t usually¬† do this but this is just too good. I remember seeing Lupe introduce Gemini on MTV: My Block as “the antithesis of Lupe Fiasco, real violent…” and anyone who listened to Fahrenheit 1/15 pt.V - Gemini: Untamed Beast* could not have missed all the talk about cash, hoes, guns, etc but there was no denying that dude was definitely a beast on the mic and his singing was on point too. Fast forward to 2008, the braids are gone, he’s had multiple guest spots on Lupe’s Cool, lost some weight and is on some conscious/honesty shit**.¬† The mixtape opens with:

First off, I’d like to take a moment before I get in your head
And apologize to every fan I ever misled
There’s a lot of things I rapped about, you shouldn’t have been fed
I’ve led people to destruction from the things I done said
I’ve glorified bustin women down, selling drugs, licking rounds
Anything negative you can think of to keep us down
Because when it’s positive people don’t wanna hear it
I wanted to speak the truth but I was afraid you wouldn’t feel it
I overcame and I’m not ashamed of it,
Untamed Beast was cool but I wasn’t talking about nothing
Lying in my lyrics to be accepted by the critics,
all the hot punchlines about crack I didn’t distribute
God blessed me with a talent to paint a picture so vivid
And I turned around and wrote “Bust Down”- Ignorance is bliss
How can I be so oblivious, but they say the first step to recover is to admit…”

You know what, listen to the mixtape already!!! This is not a review… I originally intended to paste the link, a picture and maybe write one line. Ah well…


* Does anyone know what  Fahrenheit 1/15 pt.IV was ?
* Er. excuse my language parents

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  1. Tima Says:

    Thanx for that mr blogger…Am liking it that more rappers are cleaning up their acta now..

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