Seven reasons why Rhymefest is cooler than your favorite rapper

1. He penned 1/2 of “Jesus Walks” and won a grammy for it with Ye’ even before he dropped his debut album

2. Unlike your favorite rapper who only “battles” in a recording booth (alone), Fest actually battles and is a scribble jam winner. One of the notables on his battle defeat list is some guy named Marshall Mathers

3. To support his wife and child, he didn’t go the usual “heat carrying, crack peddling, old lady robbing, etc” route that your favorite rapper probably claims to have gone (And you know as well as I do that there is probably very little truth to it), instead he got multiple low paying jobs including one as a Janitor for a university. Gotta respect that

4. This line: “My style is running to the toilet, You ain’t seen SHIT yet”

5. He’s been name dropping Obama in freestyles since 2006, thats way before most of us (hip hop crowd in this case) ever heard of the senator from Illinois

6. He put out a Michael Jackson tribute album and Its CRACK!!!(disclaimer: kids drugs are bad) son and its free for download

7. He met with the United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron do discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of hip hop

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love it Wow! You know things about me that I forgot, ok I’m gonna post this on my page

  2. Justin Paluch Says:

    Followed you over here from your post on the Egotist and I’m greeted with this. Couldn’t agree more. Have you seen the video of him and Citizen Cope’s version of Bullet and a Target? Awesome.

    Good looking out on the Michael Jackson Tribute. I had no idea.

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