CESIM A880 Review

The iPhone 3G got released today and geeks, gangstas, goons and goblins all over the place are going nuts over it. Not only is it cheaper [sorry elitist folk, time to pick another phone as a status symbol], it is also 3G enabled so browsing will not be as slow as it was on the EDGE network. Here is a pretty solid review if you want to know more about the iPhone 3G.

Thanks to all the frenzy over the iPhone, I have decided to write a quick phone review that I meant to do four months ago.

The Backstory:
About 4.5 month ago, I went home (to NYC) for the weekend and found a brand new (box and all), cool looking phone sitting on the table. After a lot of begging, pleading, negotiating and explaining why I needed another phone, I finally convinced a jury of my peers (o.k, maybe just my mum) that I deserved the phone more than whoever it was originally meant for [I even played the “it’s an iPhone knockoff, you cant give it as a gift” card]. I left for MD excited with a brand new phone that was not being offered by any national carrier.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the CESIM A880

Please stop clapping…. no really….

The Good

  • The phone has 2 sim card slots, <obvious>this can be really useful for those people who have two phone lines but prefer to carry only one phone</obvious>
  • ¬†The phone comes with a T.V/Radio tuner, how cool is that ? You can watch local channels on the phone!! take that iPhone!!
  • The phone is touchscreen but also has a¬† keyboard. Can you say convenient ?
  • The phone comes with an extra battery
  • The phone has a microSD slot and comes with a free 256 MB card
  • The volume on the phone is ridiculous!! The phone is almost louder than my laptop
  • When connected to a computer, the phone can be used a storage device or a webcam

The Bad

  • The photos are really low quality. The box has a 3.0 megapixel camera label, the print on the phone says “2.o MEGA PIXELS” but the actual picture quality makes me believe that its 1.3 megapixels or something
  • The phone comes with no manual
  • There is no power button indicator; pushing the red cancel button might be intuitive to some but I’m just sayin….
  • The keys are small
  • The phone has one of those old fashioned antennas. It does improve the TV quality a lot when you pull it out [||] but I cant help but to get flashbacks of my grandma’s old AA battery powered FM/AM radio… good times :-)
  • Most phones have four rows of numbers and 3 columns of key, this phone goes the opposite way so the ‘*’, ‘0′, and ‘#’ buttons are situated to the right side of the ‘3′, ‘6′, and ‘9′ buttons respectively

The Ugly

  • The phone uses Windows XP icons for it’s menu. Not only are the icons low quality, they also dont make much sense if you’re familiar with Windows (i.e. if you’re in the majority of computer users on this planet); they have the Internet Explorer icon for “Services”, the “Show Desktop” icon for “Shortcuts”, the “Add/Remove Programs” icon for “Organizer”, etc
  • I’ve already mentioned how loud the phone gets, the downside to it is the really annoying phone startup tune that plays at max volume. Sitting on the phone during does help a little
  • The phone has the apple icon printed on its back side. This alone takes it from the “iPhone competitor” category to the “iPhone imitation” category
  • The box it comes in has the following text: “Moving TV & Dual-Sim, Moving Funny & Business!”… dont ask

In the end, I could not get the phone to work with any sim card (I tried both t-mobile and at&t). If anyone out there has any idea how I can get the phone to work with t-mobile or at&t, holla @ me.


Windows Icons
Windows Icons

The Box
The Box

Home Screen
Home Screen

Watching NBC (It was during March Madness)
Watching NBC

Phone as webcam on MSN Messenger

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  1. RoCa Says:

    we call it chinese…. lmao… i ve heard a radio ad saying that you can now get a tri SIM phone… wat re the chinese really watching the gambian Telecom industry…. i kno next ll be 4SIM Phone with MTV on it since we now ve 4 operators… but in the end the Quality Sucks…
    Like u said “flashback” the phone could tune all radio stations without havin ur earpiece plugged in… n the sound quality could sound like dat of a loud speaker “the ones they use back in d days during the daira’s”..
    Mor’over it iz never wat it says on the box…..

    EnJoy the Phone Styll…lol

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